The term real estate refers to the property, Building, land and any other resources which are present on the farm like crops, mineral, the air above it or the water in the area, etc. The real estate industry works by the concept of producing, buying or selling the property. There are various types of real properties like the constructions of new buildings for domestic purpose, residential use, industrial and commercial purposes. There are real estate companies which help you to choose and buy these properties at a price. These companies also provide real estate brokers who assist you in selecting your desired property based on your requirements.

Real Estate

The San Francisco Bay area is very famous for the real estate business. The beautiful bay area attracts people to buy property in this field and is has become a high priority place for people to buy and sell properties.

Some of the top real estate Companies in San Francisco are:

  • Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.
  • Alain Pinel Realtors.
  • Better Homes and Gardens property.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC:

The Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC founded in the year 1906 is an American land and is owned by Rheology. The Headquarters is in Maddison, New Jersey. The key people in the company are Charlie Young who is the CEO of the company, Benjamin Arthur Banker who is one of the partners of the company and Colbert Coldwell who is the founder of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.

The Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC has about 81,000 four bed room and two bedrooms. The Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC has one of the most affordable and most expensive real estate markets.

The Neilson Norman group named it as one of the best intranet sites in the year 2008 and the company has also won the American business awards in the year 2006.

Alain Pinel Realtors:

Alain Pinel Realtors founded in the year 1990 is an American residential real estate Company based in California. The Alain Pinel Realtors mainly focuses in doing the actual estate business in the San Francesco bay area. The company has one of the best luxury real estate properties.

The president and the co- founder of the Alain Pinel Realtors is Paul L. Hulme. This real estate company is the sixth largest real estate firm in the United States of America. Alain Pinel Realtors is also one of the most major real estate companies in San Francesco bay area.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate:

The Better Homes and Gardens real estate founded in 2008 is an international real estate company and franchisees independent real estate business. Maddison, New Jersey happens to be the headquarters of the Better Homes and Gardens real estate. The CEO of this company is Sherry Chris, and the parent of this endeavor is Meredith Corporation and Realogy.  This real estate company was the fifth real estate company which was launched by Realogy. The core value that is real estate Company follows are passion, innovation, authenticity, growth, and excellence.