With the increase in the usage of technology, everything in the world has become very easy access. Different kinds of business have made use of the internet to expand its sales and have become famous by posting their ads on various site on the web. In today’s world, if someone wants to look up or even have the idea of buying or selling an item, the first place they look up is the internet. The internet has all sorts of information, some of them maybe real and some of them maybe false but you sure will end up with a lot of information, and you can use that information to compare and judge things.

Real Estate online

With the increase and popularity of the real estate markets, the housing market websites also started to grow. The websites are a big platform for the real estate companies to market. Different real estate companies advertise their best real estate agents, sales executives, and properties from which the clients can choose.

The clients have the option to compare the prices and the authenticity of the property or the real estate which these companies are planning to sell.

Some of the best Real Estate Auction Websites are:

  • Hubzu.
  • Hudson and Marshall.
  • William and Williams.
  • Gray stone Investments.

The provides the most number of auctions you can find on any website. The website allows third parties which make the number of sales available on the site to increase. The sales usually take place for a long time, and the closing takes up to thirty to forty days. The website is an international site offers auctions which are nationwide.

The customer care support is brilliant at, and you can place your queries to these care support and get the required answers. The interface of the website is also excellent and has a very user-friendly access. The navigation is obvious and precise.


The Hubzu founded in the year 2009 has location all over the world. It focuses on selling residential real estate properties. The Hubzu website gives you the option of comparing the online sales properties and the traditional residential properties. The closing of the auction is about thirty to forty days. The Hubs also have sales from third party services.

The site also has a FAQ link where you can find the answers to all the basic questions. The site is also straightforward to use and navigate. In some auctions on this site, there is an “End Auction Now” button that allows the auctioneer to stop the sale immediately.

Hudson and Marshall:

The Hudson and Marshall website sells a variety of real estate property like residential properties, commercial, land, pre- market auctions and many others. The sale at Hudson and Marshall offered worldwide is very good. The properties sold in this website sold with a clear title and the sellers pay the title insurance. There are also various features like bid now, reserve and Absolute. The Hudson and Marshall has a brilliant set of FAQ where you can get all your questions verified.